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11 November 2018

The German Handelsblatt publishes an interview with French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, who put forward the concept of turning Europe into an empire modeled on the United States and China.

2 November 2018

Vedomosti, citing the Bloomberg agency, announce US plans to conclude a trade agreement with the PRC.

1 November 2018

Vedomosti, the German Manager Magazin and other media reports, that quarterly purchases of gold by the Central Bank of Russia amounted to 92.2 tons. The gold reserves of the Russian Federation exceeded 2000 tons.

17 October 2018

The German newspaper Handelsblatt announces agreement of Tennet, Gasuni and Tissengaz to create a 100 megawatt installation in Germany by 2022 that will convert wind energy into gas (methane or other), accumulate it in gas storage facilities and provide it to consumers as needed. This technology overcomes the dependence of wind energy on the weather and solves the problem of electric energy overproduction from the wind in Germany.

15 October 2018

German state broadcaster Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen warns that if hackers find a hole in the bank's IT systems, this will have devastating consequences and could lead to a new financial crisis.

15 October 2018

German state broadcaster Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen reports that hackers have penetrated the electronic payment system of several banks in Mexico.

15 October 2018

German state broadcaster Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen reports that hackers hack isolated computers through electrical networks.

Author: A. Yu. Bykov
5 October 2018

“Lobbyistics for Presidents”, a new monograph by A. Yu. Bykov, is now on the market. The author defines a law on economic stability based on solid money mass in the country and offers his formula to calculate the indicator of the national economic stability. The comprehensive study systemises 5,853 Doctorate habil. dissertations in economics in 2000 to 2015 and 17 regulatory acts adopted between 1934 and 2018. Based on their analysis, the author defines conditions of Russia’s economic science progress and describes how it affects the economy as a whole.

26 August 2018

180826 RBC details the publications contents Die Welt on the growth of purchases of physical gold by the Central Bank of Russia

Author: A.Yu. Bykov
31 July 2018

The new book was written as a response to the fundamental research "Power of Lobbyists" published in Germany in 2016, which put A. Yu. Bykov among the most famous professional lobbyists in the world.

The author, from the point of view of lobbyism, considers the crisis situation of the world economy as a whole, and also assesses the positive potential and high risks of the digital economy.

In this paper, for the first time, the presentation of lobbying as an integral branch of economic science, as well as the foundations of the integral theory of the digital economy, is presented.

The entire book is available in electronic form on the website of the publishing house and as a printed publication - in book trade, ISBN 978-5-392-28424-5.
We give brief excerpts from this work.

Author: E.V. Safronov
18 May 2018

The “Prospect” publishing house has put out “ABC of Cyber Hygiene - Methodological and Legal Aspects” by Evgeny Valerievich Safronov.

Its full copy is available in electronic form on the Publisher’s website at:, and printed copies are to be found at book stores, ISBN 978-5-392-28426-9.

Please find below short excerpts from the work.

Author: Bykov A. Yu.
24 April 2017

The article discusses some economic and political risks associated with the development of the digital economy. Notes the vital necessity for Russia's national tiberghien. The conclusion is that filling the existing today in the digital economy legal vacuum and to eliminate the risk of chaos may legal and administrative road map that the first phase of implementation of the Strategy for scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation in 2017 – 2019 will lay in state policy of Russia are systemic and legal approaches, which in theory and in practice will make cheating in the digital economy of our country meaningless

Author: Bykov A. Yu.
15 June 2016

In February [1] 2017 will mark 100 years since the moment when Russia, after 50 years of early capitalist period made the transition to administrative economy. This was followed by a gradual restriction of freedom of entrepreneurship, discrimination in taxation. If after the February revolution the country was in a severe dependence to build on the essentially anti-Christian bases of world imperialist economy, the major representatives of the interests of monopolistic circles which were behind the events in Russia, the coming to power of the Bolsheviks and began after the civil war brought new challenges. Instead of annual double-digit "Stolypin" growth, the economy went downhill. The most important statistical indicators of 1913 was again achieved only after decades of severe trials.

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