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Our institute was founded, first and foremost, because there was a practical need to solve tasks and problems emerging during the 25-plus years of our economic and academic work. The positive outcome of our endeavors positioned us as a factory of ideas for the Russian market of international lobbystics. Young post-Soviet Russia has a great need for fundamental, holistic, and comprehensive research of the open questions of both the world politics and of the efficiency situation of the new developing model of the state’s self-governance.

These 25 years saw several sharp shifts in the political and economic situation both in Russia and in the world. These shifts posited questions that demanded serious, academically correct answers, yet, alas, the answers never came. A large number of questions remain unexplored, as, for instance, the legal justification of the sanctions. We believe that common sense makes it ridiculous, and laws make it wrong to solve political tasks by using unilateral economic repressions.

During those 25 years, we partnered with world-famous statesmen, business leaders, religious and public figures, leading scientists, scholars, artists, and performers, Russian and foreign public and private enterprises, educational centers, cultural and medical establishments, religious communities, non-governmental organizations working in various spheres from all over 50 countries, from the majority of Russia’s regions, and from Russia’s principal economic sectors. Over these years, we have never abandoned our principle to admit to our global library any opinion, no matter its wording, never to argue with anyone, and never to give any personal assessments. We are grateful to our partners for our long-term partnership, and we are always open to new contacts.

With highest regards,
Andrey Yu. Bykov

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